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The terms and conditions and the other mentioned details mentioned anywhere on the website apply to any kind of booking with travel delta.com.  the customers are requested to read all the terms and conditions when they visit the travedeltal.com website. Therefore, Every visitor to our website need to agree to the terms and condition of using the product or service. However, in case anyone of you does not agree to any of the points mentioned under the section or anywhere else on the website will not be able to benefit from our website for making flight bookings or reservations.

If you are unable to understand or follow any of the sections you can directly get in touch with our customer service team via call or email.

License Contract

In order to make your flight booking and reservation we are range a contract between you and the principles or suppliers. These principles or suppliers might include the operator, airline, or lodging company. Moreover, we very efficiently arrange our vacation packages or holiday offer for our customers so that they can get their trips done under their budget.

While making reservations the customers might come across some different form of agreement with several suppliers of principle. We do not take any liability or responsibility for the types of services, conduct, or inadequacies offered by the suppliers or vendors. You will get to know about all the terms and conditions of the principles or the suppliers at the time of your reservation. We strongly recommend our customers to carefully read each of the points carefully to know about their bookings with a particular airline.  Moreover, you should request copies or documents of all the ends and outs  of the situation that you may land into while making the booking or even while traveling,


The customers need to recheck to ensure that all the information provided by them such as date and time and name exactly matches that on their passports. Also, make sure that their itinerary is correct.  usually changes to tickets and reservations are not allowed. However, if you change or modify your booking and ticket you need to pay additional charges. 

Furthermore, at the time of booking the principal and the supplier will cross-check all the details given by the customers. Again when you receive the receipt(s), you must check if all the details mentioned on the ticket or the receipt such as the name of the traveler date, and time of travel are mentioned accurately or not

When you send us the required information about your travel,  we forward it to the suppliers who are arranging your trip.  Also, public authorities such as customs and immigration require all the details of the travelers.  Therefore we need to share your details with them as well. The details might also exceed to some personal information such as religion, disability, or dietary information.  You might need to give certain details to the security organizations in credit-checking people

In order to avoid any serious crimes including the risk of terrorism,  the passengers traveling to the United States will be provided with certain customs and border control details. If you are someone who is traveling outside the European economic area the country’s legal requirements might not be adequate for data security. In such cases travel delta.com is unable to take the booking process further if the supplier(s) and principal (s) do not get the accurate detail.

You will receive all the information about booking face only at the time of booking. If you come across any issues while making a payment you will get a notification via mail or phone. Travelers will receive the issued tickets within 48 hours of the booking.


Now when it comes to free luggage allowance it depends on different factors such as the type and travel itinerary they have chosen with the airline. There are a few lines that charge for supplemental baggage, checked luggage, or additional services. It is advisable for the customers to contact the airline as soon as they obtain booking to get the important details on baggage, cost allowance, and size.

Apart from this, the passengers must know that they need to be present at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure.  This becomes necessary because you will not receive any refund or be able to change your flight if you do not arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior.

Finally, the passengers themselves are liable for all kinds of travel papers that they receive.

Payment options

It is necessary to make payments in full or in installments to validate your reservation.  However, if you have made a partial payment you need to complete or pay the remaining balance before the mentioned due date. The suppliers or the principal(s)  have a  full right to cancel or withdraw your booking if the payment is not made on time. Moreover, if you counsel your booking you need to pay the cancellation fees specified in the booking conditions.


We always suggest customers buy proper travel insurance. This will help them protect themselves as well as the party and the principal(s)  because they might demand it at the time of booking.  On the other hand, you will find that certain countries or destinations have made it mandatory for Travellers to have travel insurance. So, with this, you can contact the Foreign and Commonwealth office or the embassy.  under such travel insurance, you get assistance in case of cancellation the laws of luggage and money accident,  and help during sickness and other expenses. The policy also helps you if the principals or the suppliers have not travel arrangements properly. Insurance will help you meet your financial obligations. 

In case we are providing insurance the customers need to ensure that all the details they have entered are accurate. Also, make sure that the information you provide is relevant.  Any false or wrong information will impact your insurance coverage.

Cancellation and changes.

Customers need to send a written request by mail if they have to cancel or modified their flight reservation.  As per the terms and conditions,  the suppliers or the principal can charge a modification or cancellation fee.  The fees at a time are also the total cost of the flight ticket.

Sometimes we also chat about additional taxes.  However, we will make sure that you get to know about any other taxes before we issue or re-issue the ticket. Travel delta.com or its supplier do not refund for flight cancellation.

Submission of documents

The customers receive all the necessary documentation such as flight tickets, invoices, insurance plans, and other paperwork via mail. If your documents have been delivered and then misplaced traveldelta.com holds no responsibility for it. In such situations, if you have lost the tickets or papers you will pay the entire cost of insurance.  Moreover, the customers have the option to opt for various other modes of transportation for document delivery at no additional cost.

Final travel arrangements

It is very feasible for the customers if they have their travel documents, insurance documents, and visas handy when they arrive at the airport. It prevents also at the time of check-in. You must not forget to confirm your flight with the airline before your departure. For instance, customers having any kind of travel query can contact us at least 72 hours before the flight departure. At the time of reconfirmation you must check the name and the reference number are correct. You will not be allowed to both the flight if the fact reconfirmation fails.  Also, you will not receive any refund amount for this.


Traveldelta.com can assist you if you have a complaint. You may get more information from our Customer Service. If you have any concerns or complaints concerning your travel arrangements, please contact the principal(s) or provider (s). Whenever an issue emerges while on vacation, it must be immediately reported to the principal/supplier, their local supplier or agent, or both.

If you do not use this approach, your complaint has a lower chance of being investigated and addressed. In other situations, your compensation may be reduced or eliminated entirely. If you have any issues upon your return, you should contact the principal/supplier. You’ll see the name and address, as well as contact information, on any confirmation documentation we offer you.

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