What is Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

When things collapse to your departure date of the flight, then how crucial it becomes to cancel or reschedule the flight, we could better understand. But it’s important to clarify the Delta Airline Cancellation Policy before canceling the flight. Then only you could prevent any cause due to the flight cancellation, such as loss of booking value.

What are the Crucial Points, Must be Considered for a Risk-Free Flight Cancellations?

To keep you out of any uncertainty due to the flight cancellation, we’ve come out with some important points that you should crucially remember about risk-free cancellation. Here are some crucial points, you should meet for the risk-free flight cancellations.

Cancellation portal

You are requested to choose the same portal to cancel the flight. Suppose, if you have made reservations on any third-party travel site then you need to choose that particular portal to cancel the flight. But, remember that you need to pay the fee for canceling the flight anytime through that third-party travel site.

On the other hand, if you cancel the flight via Delta Airlines mobile application or official site following the cancellation policy, then you can successfully prevent any penalty.

Fare Type

Depending on your fare type it will be decided that you are eligible to seek the refund for the canceled flights or not. If we simply say it, you are entitled to claim any refund amount only when you are holding a refundable fare. Otherwise, you will be liable to seek compensation such as travel voucher while canceling the non-refundable fare.

24-hours-Risk-free Policy

To avoid the penalty and seek full refund, you must follow a 24-hours-Risk-free Policy. According to this policy, you must cancel the flights within 24 hours of booking to avoid penalty and enhance the possibility to seek full refund for the canceled flights.


Once you extend the 24-hours-Risk-free Policy to cancel the flight, you are entitled to pay the cancellation fees. The penalty will be higher as you delay in canceling the flight once the 24-hours-Risk-free Policy passed.

Non-refundable fare holders pay extra while canceling the flight beyond the risk-free-hours policy. At the same airline deduct from the booking value when refundable fare holders cancel the flights after 24 hours of booking.

Refund Possibility

A full refund completely depends on fare type and risk-free policy. If you successfully meet certain crucial points, you surely will seek a full refund amount for the canceled flights. Otherwise you will be liable to seek partial refund or travel voucher.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Fee Depending on Fare and Duration

Follow the chart as drawn below to understand the strategy that Delta Airlines undertake to charge from the customers for canceling the flights.

Duration Basic Non-Refundable Refundable
Within 24 hours of booking zero zero zero
After 24 hours of Booking $99-$199 $400 Refundable
Within 24 hours of departure $99-$199 $400 Refundable

What Are the Terms and Conditions of Delta Airlines to Cancel the Flights?

Delta Airlines Flight cancellation policy is the only way to prevent any uncertainty due to unplanned changes on the same day of your departure. But it would be better if you glance at the policy as explained below in the following points.

  • According to the cancellation policy of Delta Airlines, one should meet risk-free hours as discussed before, to cancel the flight for free.
  • Further, following the 24-hours-risk-free policy enables all to seek a full refund for the canceled flights.
  • Meanwhile, one is even eligible for the free flight cancellation only when they have membership in any elite status fare programme.
  • Cancellation fee is deducted from the refundable fare value when it’s been canceled beyond 24 hours of booking.
  • On the other hand, non-refundable flyers are entitled to pay extra as the cancellation fee for canceling the flights after 24 hours of air ticketing.
  • According to the Cancellation Policy Delta Airlines, you can prefer a mobile application or Delta Airlines official site to cancel the flight.
  • Additionally, you can even directly connect with the experts to cancel the flights.

Steps to Cancel Delta Airlines Flights

There are two major methods that you can choose to cancel the flight. Further, you can take help from the steps as explained below in a queue as per the respective methods.

Online Process : How to cancel Delta flight online

As per the online method, you should access the official web portal or mobile application of Delta Airlines to cancel the flights. Further, this is the only mode that allows the customers to cancel the flight from the end. Meanwhile, one should undertake the steps as listed below while appealing for the flight cancellations via online booking portals of Delta Airlines.

  • First of all, you must access the respective online booking portal by providing registered email id and password.
  • Secondly, you are supposed to choose “My Trip.”
  • Then, complete the sections with your booking details such as confirmation number/ticket number or credit/debit card number.
  • With this, you should even need to provide the last name and first name of the ticket holder.
  • Once completing all the required details of your reservations in the relevant sections, you should tap on the red button.
  • Now, you will be liable to retrieve your booking on your screen.
  • Next, you should determine whether you want to cancel the flight or manage the flight.
  • To cancel the flight, you should hit the cancel flight tab.
  • Afterward, you should continue as the instructions visible on the screen.
  • Meanwhile, you might need to pay the penalty for the flight cancellation.
  • Finally, you will be notified with the confirmation message regarding delta airlines cancel flights via an email inbox or contact number.

When it’s still out of your tip to cancel the flight from your end using any of the online booking portals then you should switch to the offline option.

Offline Process : How Cancel Delta flight

Offline method has always been an alternate way of online method to cancel the flight when customers fail to complete the flight cancellation procedure wisely. To get the flights canceled, one should get in touch with the experts either at the airport or over a call. If you want instant cancellation through experts then better access the phone number.

Finding contact details is the initial part of getting through experts and canceling the flights. So follow the steps below to find Delta Airlines’ phone number and the flight cancellation.

  • Go to Delta Airlines official website.
  • Click on “Need Help?”
  • Choose “Help Center.”
  • Move slightly down the page and choose “Additional Assistance.”
  • Enter your country name in the search bar.
  • Find Delta Airlines contact as per your origin.
  • Listen to the Automated Voice Recording options while dialing the phone number.
  • At the same time, you must choose the IVR keys to press accordingly.
  • Hold for while until the IVR attempts get you through the experts at Delta Airlines over a call.
  • Provide you booking details to the experts over a call.
  • Remain connected with the experts over a call until the flight cancellation is completely done.
  • At the end of the procedure, you definitely will be liable to seek the notification.

Other Crucial Points About Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation

You should glance at the points given below and know who is liable for the cancellation fees or not.

No Cancellation Fee

  • Customers having reservations on Main Cabin and the tickets as discussed before to fly within the United States, USVI and Puerto Rico do not need to meet risk-free policy crucially.
  • Delta Airlines Main Cabin and above ticket holders appealed to travel from the U.S. Africa, Europe, Canada, or the Caribbean to anywhere that does not need to adhere to the risk-free policy to avoid penalty due to flight cancellation.
  • Basic Economy flyers are excluded.

Penalty for the Delta Flight Cancellation

  • Tickets that are not mentioned through the cancellation policy of Delta Airlines i.e., Basic Economy fare of flights operating within Central or South American, the flight cancellation is subject to the penalty starts at ninety-nine dollars.
  • Depending on your itinerary the cancellation fee would rise.
  • The remaining amount will be retained as eCredit value which is redeemable against any services as discussed ahead of this content.

Eligibility to Seek Refund in Original Form of Payment

Refund in the original form of payment is possible only for the customers holding refundable fare as well as who have used online payment source or debit/card for the flight reservations. Besides this, you should continue ahead with this content and know the possibility to request the refund for the canceled flight via online portals.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

It completely depends on you or your fare. Fare type is the first key to ensuring whether one is liable to seek a refund for the canceled flight. Following the risk-hours policy is another crucial fact that raises a high possibility for customers to claim a refund.

One must follow both terms to seek a full refund. Otherwise, one will be liable to seek a partial refund or partial eCredit Value. However, a refund request is only possible for the refundable fare holders. Further, non-refundable fare holders are entitled to enjoy the eCredit value which is applicable within a year against new reservations.

Booking Reservations paid for by a check or cash will be reimbursed in the form of cash to the person registered on the Delta Airlines Flight ticket, commonly within twenty days since the refund request has been raised.

Basic economy as well as non-refundable ticket holders are not liable to claim any refund for the canceled flight after the risk-free hours.

How to Claim Refund for the Canceled Flights on Delta Airlines Online?

Although the airline is ready to refund the customers canceling the flight. Still, it won’t be beneficial for the customers during the flight cancellation until they follow the steps as explained below to request a refund from Delta Airlines.

  • To continue the refund request procedure online, you must login to the Official site or mobile app.
  • Then, you should browse the refund request form using the inbuilt search bar.
  • To browse the refund request form, move down the official page and click on the search icon.
  • After finding the form on the next page you are entitled to complete and submit the form.
  • Seek approval notification to your contact details.
  • Once your request gets approved, you will seek the refund in the original form of payment within 7-15 working days.

When things become tricky in half a way, you are entitled to reach out to the experts

Delta Airlines Refund Status Procedure

Once you send a refund request after the flight cancellation, how curious the situation could become until the booking value is not reimbursed to your account. To ease with your curiosity about reviewing the refund status, we have stated the steps below.

Via Delta Airlines Official Site

  • Access Delta Airlines Official Web Portal.
  • Login to the site as well.
  • Hit the search icon.
  • Now, type “Refund Status.”
  • Choose “Check Your Refund Status” from the results list.
  • Find a form on the next page.
  • Complete the form with the booking details as well as refund request number.
  • Tap on the continue tab and review the current status of your refund.

Via Delta Airlines Phone Number

  • Dial 800-847-0578
  • Attend the IVR instructions carefully at the same time.
  • Meanwhile press the keys accordingly.
  • Hold for a while until the IVR based on your attempt let you get in touch with the experts.
  • Provide them first and last name, ticket number, and refund request number.
  • Finally, they will get you back with the refund status.

Delta Airlines No-Show Policy

Uncertain changes to the plan is a clear understanding. But it’s better to change or cancel the flight before scheduled departure. If anyone does not appear for the flight without changing or canceling the flight earlier than the departure, their booking value will be forfeited. Moreover, the airline canceled the left flight in the itinerary. For your convenience, you’re reminded that basic economy tickets are non-changeable.

What Happens When Delta Airlines Flights Canceled?

Flights canceled is the untold or unexplained policy which does not exist in delta flight cancellation policy. Still, there is nothing to panic about the booking value when your Delta flight is canceled. Such a condition genuinely happens when something beyond the control of the airline takes place nearby the flight schedule, unfortunately, your flights get canceled in that case. But you don’t have to pay any penalty for that.

Undoubtedly, you will be liable to seek eCredit value or alternative flight or refund in an original form of payment when Delta Airlines cancel flight. Depending on your preference, you will be liable to seek the respective things as refund.

Reasons Behind Delta Airlines Cancel Flight

Below are the following situations that initiates the operators to cancel delta airlines flight.

  • When weather conditions unpredictably get exploited, the airline’s personnel are forced to cancel your flight rather than delaying it beyond 4-5 hours.
  • The lack of pilots or other crew members who are personalized for the inflight assistance.
  • Strike in the respective destination and many others.

Perk of Delta Airlines eCredit

One can apply the eCredit value of Delta Airlines against any partnership services.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Partnership flight booking

How Do I Redeem Delta Airlines eCredit to Rebook the Flight?

To seek convenience on redeeming the eCredit value to rebook Flight with Delta Airlines Reservations, you should surely follow the sequence as explained below.

  • Using any global search engine find “https://www.delta.com/
  • Login to Delta Airlines official web portal.
  • Click “advanced search.”
  • Click on “Use Certificates, eCredits, or Delta Gift Cards “
  • Scroll slightly a page and find “Where is my Certificate or eCredit number?”
  • Under the suggested option, you should select eCredit.
  • Additionally, you should provide the eCredit number.
  • Once, you provide the eCredit number, tap on the “Look Up” button.
  • With this, you have a choice to redeem for rebooking the flight with Delta Airlines Reservations.
  • Click on redeem and get directed on the next page.
  • Choose “Flight booking.”.
  • Depending on your choice for the Delta Airlines eCredit Redemption, you should provide booking details.
  • After completing the details, click on search flight.
  • Choose from the listed flight.
  • Continue as per the guidelines visible on the screen.
  • When eCredit is insufficient to cover the booking value then you should pay the difference amount to validate your booking.
  • At the end of this procedure, you will be notified with a confirmation message from Delta Airlines.

To prevent confusion in between while proceeding with the eCredit Redemption procedure to book the flight online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel My Reservations on the Same Day of Booking?

Yes of course! You can cancel the flight on the same day of your booking.

Will Delta Airlines Penalize Me for the Same Day Flight Cancelation?

According to the Delta Airlines policy, flight cancellation is free anytime within 24 hours of booking. So, be free about canceling the flight without penalty.

Can I Use Delta Airlines Official Site to Cancel the Flights Booked via a third-party Travel Site?

Undoubtedly, you can access Delta Airlines Official site to cancel the flight booked via a third-party travel site. But it will be forfeited whether you follow a 24-hours-risk-free policy to cancel the flight online.

Can I Get My Flights Canceled through the Experts at Delta Airlines Over a Call?

You can request the experts over a call for the flight cancellation when it seems tricky for you to complete online.

Do Non-refundable Fare Holders are Liable to Seek Refund for the Canceled flight?

Although the customers holding non-refundable fare cannot claim any refund for the cancellation despite following the risk-free policy. Still, they are liable to seek compensation from the airline in the form of Delta Airlines eCredit Value.

How Long Does It Take to Process My Refund Request?

It may take longer to process International refunds due to regional banking procedures. Further, Delta Airlines refunds the customers for the flight cancellations within 7 business days. Meanwhile, it might take at least two billing cycles to reflect on your credit/debit card statement. Rather than if your fare is eligible for eCredit Value then it will be reflected on Delta.com. Additionally, you use the ticket number to review eCredit Value.

How Do I Check the Refund Status Once the Request has Raised?

To check out the refund status you can access the online booking portal of Delta. Further, you can call 800-847-0578 (U.S. and Canada) or 404-715-5417 (Atlanta, Georgia or outside of the U.S. and Canada) for clarification related to the refund amount.

How Do I Request Refund for the Canceled Flights with Delta Airlines Over a Call or Via an Email?

Dial 800-847-0578 and follow the IVR instructions additionally to get in touch with the experts over a call conveniently and claim the refund as well. To raise a refund request through the experts over a call, you are highly suggested to provide them with your booking details such as ticket/confirmation number or debit/credit card number and user name.

Email is an alternate way to raise a refund from the airline. While sending an email to the airline regarding refund all you should be careful about is mentioning the contact details as well as booking information.

Can I Get Refund for Unused Non-Refundable?

When something serious comes across the ticket holder like the death of a passenger or a bad accident. Then traveling companions or family are supposed to submit the death certificate or medical certificate at ticketreceipt@delta.com including the refund request.

Can I Reschedule My Flight Instead of Canceling?

You can reschedule your flight with the help of the Manage Booking (Change Booking) option. Meanwhile, you should log in to your account associated with Delta Airlines. However, you will not be penalized for rescheduling your flight, but you must pay the difference amount.

If I Have Bought a Refundable Fare Can I Get Refund in Cash While Canceling the Flight?

One is liable to seek refund in cash only when they’ve paid via debit/credit card or any online payment source. Otherwise they will be refunded in the form of eCredit.

Can I Cancel the Flight for Free Anytime?

Flight cancellation flexibility is only for the flyers reserved on the main cabin class. In addition to it their booking must be refundable to claim refund amount while canceling the flight.

Can I Request a Refund from the Airline When My Flight is Late?

Depending on your ticket type you have potential to raise the refund request when there is delay in your flight. Further, you can even ask for the alternate flight as well as other compensations such as guest room including meals, and other hospitality.

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